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Chapter 16 Lost

  • Xia Mo sat up in bed and eyed the clock on the wall. It was ten.
  • She then put on a coffee-colored, floral maternity dress, wore a light pink jersey over it, and crept down the stairs.
  • She then steathily ran away from the house.
  • She brought nothing with her and didn’t know where she was heading either. She only knew that she had to escape from there, find a place where no one could find her, and birth the child. She didn’t want the child whom she had longed for to be given to someone else!
  • She didn’t have a penny on her, nor did she know where she could turn to.
  • With tears in her eyes, she had held onto her large belly, crossed the street, and kept going straight until she couldn’t walk anymore. She then sat on a long bench by the sidewalk and gingerly massaged her swollen legs.
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