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Chapter 157 Catch Hold of Him

  • When night came, Mrs. Xia made her daughter sit down with her on the sofa in the living room. And then, in a heartfelt manner, she said: "Mo Mo, based on my observation over the past few days, I have discovered that Li Tiezheng is a decent man. You have to catch hold of him."
  • "Mom, I am too young for this!" Xia Mo chimed in hurriedly. "Besides, he is a big shot CEO. He has money and status. He and I are as different as heaven and earth. So please stop your wishful thinking."
  • "Do you think I am blind?" Mrs. Xia gently slapped her daughter's hand and continued, "Do you really think I can't tell that Mr. Li is interested in you?"
  • "What are you talking about?" Xia Mo looked at her mother and explained: "I am just one of the many contracted employees at his company. And his cousin happens to be my classmate. That's why he is especially looking out for me. Mom, please stop entertaining your one-sided wishful thinking. I am not good enough for him. Don't push him too hard and turn him against us. That would not be good for either of us. How are you going to continue working at his house? And how am I going to continue working at his company?"
  • "Can't you tell that he treats you differently from the way he treats others?" Mrs. Xia frowned in disbelief and continued: "Your Auntie Heng and I can tell that he treats you differently than others. Remember that woman who came with him to the villa that day? He sent her packing just like that. Wasn't she a contracted employee as well? On the other hand, he let you eat and play around at his villa. And all the while, you were also taking care of somebody else's kid."
  • "That's because the child's father is a big shot as well," Xia Mo chimed in.
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