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Chapter 155 Indescribable Cuteness

  • Ling Yichen, a habitual early riser, was looking down at the sleeping form of Xia Mo. Suddenly, the latter made an "mm" sound, flipped her body around and buried her face in his chest. A moment later, she opened her petite mouth to snore and continued to sleep the sleep of the just.
  • Just then, she looked indescribably cute.
  • Ling Yichen's mouth curved into an unconscious smile as he tensed his arms and pulled the sleeping beauty into his embrace. Then he too shut his eyes.
  • But before he could fall asleep, the phone that Xia Mo had placed on the bedside cabinet started ringing all of a sudden.
  • He hurriedly reached for the phone and afterward, when he saw the word "Mother" on the screen, he gave Xia Mo a gentle push.
  • "Darling, your mother is calling you!"
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