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Chapter 152 Reluctant To Part

  • The next morning, Xia Mo woke up early and surreptitiously went to Ling Yuanqi's room. And after taking plenty of photos of the toddler, she left the room reluctantly, with tears brimming in her eyes.
  • As she looked at Ling Yichen, who was standing at the entrance, she raised her hand to wipe at the corner of her eye. A moment later, she smiled a miserable-looking smile and said, "Let's go!"
  • Ling Yichen grabbed hold of her hand, walked down the stairs, exited the house and got into the car.
  • Mrs. Wu looked on as the car left the courtyard, and then she hurried to Lu Wanru's room.
  • "Madam, Mr. Ling and Xia Mo have left the house!"
  • "Really?" Lu Wanru perked and sat up immediately when she heard the news. "Did they bring Yuanqi with them?"
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