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Chapter 147 Intentional Matchmaking

  • Xia Mo had no idea if Mrs. Xia knew anything or not. But she did find out that her mother had been trying to bring her and Li Tiezheng together.
  • This discovery embarrassed Xia Mo to no end and, afterward, she no longer dared to venture next door.
  • And of course, it was also clear to her that Ling Yichen disliked her visiting their next-door neighbor.
  • She knew this because she had discovered a pattern to Ling Yichen's routine. When she stayed home, he would come home at the normal time at the end of the work day. But when she was at the house next door, he would return at noon. Sometimes, he might get home at a later time, but he would always return before two o'clock.
  • "When Mr. Li visited us two days ago, what did you two talk about?" Xia Mo suddenly recalled the visit, so she casually asked Ling Yichen a question.
  • "We didn't talk about anything," he replied. Just then, Ling Yichen was sitting on the sofa and Xia Mo using his lap as a pillow. And very gently, he ran his fingers through her soft hair.
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