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Chapter 144 As Long as You Are Happy

  • Just then, Lu Wanru looked as if she had turned younger by more than ten years. When Mrs. Wu saw this, she felt her heart ache and she nearly burst into tears.
  • She knew very well that Lu Wanru had never experienced happiness during these past years.
  • "What happened to you?" When Lu Wanru saw Mrs. Wu's reddening eyes, the smile on her face froze right away.
  • "It's nothing. Dr. Li just told me that your legs are recovering well and, now, I can see for myself how healthy your complexion is. It's as if you have become so much younger. So I am just overwhelmed with joy."
  • While Mrs. Wu was talking to Lu Wanru, she nonchalantly placed the glass of fruit juice in the latter's hands, picked up the used pajamas beside the bed and put them on the nearby chair.
  • "Mrs. Wu, just now, I did it with Dr. Li......" Lu Wanru bowed her head and gently rubbed her finger against the glass rim.
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