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Chapter 143 Frenzy

  • "You...... You should get up," Lu Wanru said bashfully from within the blanket. "Mrs. Wu will be coming soon."
  • "We won't be able to hide it from Mrs. Wu." Li Baoyi inclined his neck to look at the petite head leaning against his shoulder. And then he continued heavily, "She will definitely find out."
  • Lu Wanru knew that as well. Their frenzied love-making had most definitely left traces on her body and on the bed.
  • "I will tell her later," Lu Wanru murmured.
  • "Have you considered divorcing Ling Yichen?" Li Baoyi could not help but feel apprehension toward a man like Ling Yichen.
  • He was afraid to think about what Ling Yichen might do, if the latter ever found out that he had been cuckolded.
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