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Chapter 141 A Little Sceptical

  • The two of them stayed in the study for a while, until Xia Mo's eyes were a little less red. And then, Li Tiezheng let her leave the study before him.
  • "You go out first. I guess your mother has a lot of things she wants to say to you," he said considerately as he sat on the sofa. "I will come out a while later."
  • Before she left the room, Li Tiezheng specially reminded Xia Mo once more of his offer to help. "If you need my help, please feel free to come find me at any time. The contract I have signed with you is always in effect."
  • Xia Mo nodded and walked to the living room.
  • Once there, her mother's gaze landed on her face. After taking a good look, Mrs. Xia turned to Auntie Heng and said, "Please help me look after the child. I am going back to my room to have a few words with Mo Mo."
  • "Go on." Auntie Heng looked at Xia Mo and smiled a gentle smile.
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