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Chapter 131 They Finally Left

  • Lu Wanru, who was lying on her bed, turned to ask Mrs. Wu a question: "Why is it so noisy outside?"
  • "Xiao Cui said she saw the madam put something into the soup. And then she saw Mrs. Feng switch the bowls around. If what she said is true, then we know what is going on," Mrs. Wu whispered. "Perhaps it is not time yet. Let's wait a little while more."
  • "It is time for Liu Yanzi to suffer," Lu Wanru said as she smiled coldly. "Bowen said if his drug comes into contact with an aphrodisiac, then it will take effect sooner...... But will it cause harm to my father?"
  • "I don't think so. The madam and Miss Wanqiu only want to get Mr. Lu to like them. They won't hurt him," Mrs. Wu analyzed.
  • "Mm, I think so too." Lu Wanru nodded and said, "Perhaps they only want to annoy Xia Mo and me."
  • "I will go out and see what is happening." Mrs. Wu got up from the bed and covered Lu Wanru properly with the blanket. "And then I will make you a glass of squeezed fruit juice."
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