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Chapter 130 Something Really Did Go Wrong

  • Lu Wanqiu quietly left her bedroom, and discovered that there was not a single person in the living room.
  • Unwilling to accept this development, she called out Ling Yichen's name twice. When nobody answered, she quietly made her way to the second floor.
  • Once there, she stayed outside Ling Yichen's bedroom for a long while but did not hear a single thing. However, just as she was about to leave, the voice of a woman suddenly sounded out from inside the room.
  • Lu Wanqiu got so angry that she nearly hit the doorknob with her hand. She had not imagined that the drug that her mother and her had expanded so much effort to get would end up benefiting Xia Mo!
  • She stomped down the stairs angrily and, after walking round the living room once, she considered going to her mother to discuss what they should do next.
  • But compared to the rooms on the second floor, the soundproofing quality of the rooms on the first floor was vastly inferior. Before Lu Wanqiu could even get near to the door, her mother's voice could be heard ringing out from within the room.
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