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Chapter 128 An Eventful Night

  • "Where did you see them?" Liu Yanzi asked. She had just been discussing Ling Yichen's and Xia Mo's whereabouts with her daughter. The two lovebirds had not been seen since morning and only heaven knew what they had been getting up to.
  • "In my shop. They were behaving intimately with each other, so I knew right away that they had just got together. Their romance is still hot." The middle-aged woman sniffed contemptuously and continued, "They are simply too shameless. Does our Wanqiu know about this? Tell her to step in and manage her husband. Otherwise, those not in the know might think that her husband has gotten tired of her."
  • "Did you take any photos just now?" Liu Yanzi had not imagined that Ling Yichen would be so bold as to openly flaunt his relationship with Xia Mo. Even her daughter, Wanqiu, had not enjoyed this privilege yet.
  • "I didn't...... But my shop has CCTV cameras. I should be able to get the footage."
  • "In that case, please send the footage to me ASAP. I have to tell Wanqiu to manage her husband properly. Otherwise, he will simply go around acting however he pleases." Liu Yanzi had been lying to her friends and relatives that Ling Yichen was in love with Lu Wanqiu. The other lie she had been telling them was that her daughter had given birth to the heir and eldest son of the Ling family.
  • "That's right! That fellow is absolutely unruly. Just wait for a bit and I will send the footage to you." The middle-aged woman then busied herself with the CCTV controls, retrieved all the footages and sent them all to Liu Yanzi.
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