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Chapter 126 In His Heart

  • After breakfast, Ling Yichen carried Yuanqi while Xia Mo followed behind and, together, they went to the children's game class.
  • "Ah, little Yuanqi is here!" When the class teacher, Miss Gao, spotted Ling Yuanqi, she hurriedly came forward to receive him. And then she turned to ask Ling Yichen, "You are?"
  • "I am Ling Yuanqi's father." Ling Yichen turned around to point at Xia Mo and continued, "This is Yuanqi's godmother. In future, you may contact her if any matter arises."
  • "Alright," Miss Gao smiled as she looked at Xia Mo. "In that case, please give me your number later."
  • "Okay," Xia Mo answered. She had not expected Ling Yichen to give her such a title but, all the same, she felt happy about it. This meant that Yuanqi could call her "godmother" in future. And although there was one word too many, she was still a "mother."
  • When she wrote down her name on the address book, Miss Gao erupted in joy right away. "Are you the new rising star -- Xia Mo?"
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