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Chapter 119 Experiencing Bliss

  • From the beginning to the end, Ling Yichen did not look toward the opposite side of the table. After the meal had been served, he only focused on helping Xia Mo pick out some of her favorite food and taking care of Ling Yuanqi, who was a messy eater.
  • Meanwhile, Peiqi had not even bothered to pick up a spoon.
  • Liu Yanzi tried to feed him some food a couple of times but Peiqi reacted as if he was being force-fed medicine and kept his mouth tightly shut. In the end, she had no choice but to call for the nanny to take him away.
  • As for Lu Wanqiu, her gaze had never left Ling Yichen since the beginning.
  • Hatred and envy consumed her as she thought about how wonderful it would be if, instead of Xia Mo, she were the one sitting beside Ling Yichen right now.
  • Besides Ling Yuanqi, no one else at the table was enjoying the meal.
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