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Chapter 118 I Will Be Here

  • Xia Mo perked up and the look in her eyes became more tender. All her dissatisfaction with Ling Yichen vanished in that instant, leaving no trace behind.
  • "The experts I have hired have already given Lu Wanru a thorough examination. They said she is not doing well and, even if she can be treated, it will take a long time. So your stay here may be a lengthy one."
  • "Even if it is only Yuanqi's sake, you will need a suitable position in this household. Otherwise, how are you going to take care of Yuanqi?" Ling Yichen persuaded.
  • Xia Mo looked at Ling Yichen and asked, "But what are you going to tell them?"
  • "I will be here," he said.
  • Actually, Ling Yichen had not thought of what to tell the Lus. He could tell that Liu Yanzi was not the type to simply leave without fuss. But, surely, he could not leave the house with Xia Mo and Yuanqi?
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