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Chapter 115 What Kind of Relationship

  • Ling Yichen told her about Grand Master Ling bringing the people home, when he was not around.
  • “By my calculations, I wanted to send them off today before bringing you home, but Lu Wanru disagreed,” Ling Yichen looked somewhat apologetically at Xia Mo. “She will be worried if it isn’t you caring for the child. She wouldn’t even get her checkups done.”
  • Xia Mo slowed down momentarily, and then looked at Ling Yichen, “What’s your relationship with Lu Wanqiu now?”
  • Then she interjected and added, “I want to hear the truth, are you still… are you… are you still…”
  • Ling Yichen held her little face with both hands, and kissed her hard. Despite finding it hilarious, he answered in great severity, “Ever since knowing you, you’re my only woman.”
  • Xia Mo’s Little face promptly brightened up, “Then if Lu Wanqiu and I were to get into an argument, whose side would you stand on?”
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