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Chapter 114 That Sort of Woman

  • “No!” Ling Yichen shook his head with conviction, “She’s not that kind of woman.”
  • “Didn't you used to think that Lu Wanqiu was a good one? In the end, didn't she plan to get pregnant with your child?” Grand Madam Ling reminded him, “She isn't too bad because she cares about family ties, that’s why she didn't try to kill Lu Wanru. Lu Wanru is a gracious one too, neither did she try to find someone to get rid of her, otherwise do you think the Lings would be so peaceful?”  
  • “Granny, Xia Mo isn’t that sort of woman,” Ling Yichen looked at Grand Madam Ling and repeated himself.
  • “Only time will tell what peoples’ hearts are made of, you shouldn't be too extreme with your views,” Grand Madam Ling heaved a sigh. “Granny is over 70 years old this year, but only just found out that many things you imagined could not happen, will happen in the end, so all Granny is suggesting, is for you to keep a lookout for yourself and reduce any damage.”
  • Ling Yichen nodded his head and did not argue with Grand Madam Ling, “I understand.”  
  • “As for Lu Wanqiu and all, you can decide how you want to handle it, except that child is innocent so try not to hurt that kid.” 
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