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Chapter 113 Reckless

  • “Uh huh. Not bad, not bad at all,” Grand Master Ling carried the child, then turned towards Master Ling and said. “Now that you mention it, this little guy does look a little like Yichen when he was small. He’s a little reckless now, so you know he’s definitely going to be a clever one.”
  • Ling Yichen glanced at this youngest son who was looking at him.
  • Perhaps because he had spent a much longer time with Ling Yuanqi, or maybe because Ling Yuanqi looked an awful lot like Xia Mo, Ling Yichen simply could not imagine any child, who could be as fine looking, as adorable or as intelligent as Yuanqi. 
  • When it came to this child, who was only a couple of months only younger but looked much smaller than Ling Yuanqi, although he did not like him, it did not amount to hate, considering he was the one who owed a debt to this child.
  • “Children who’re skinnier when they are small, tend to grow taller. Too much body fat affects their intelligence,” Liu Yanzi had gotten to see Ling Yuanqi just now. Terribly worried Grand Master Ling might not fancy Peiqi, she continuously chattered, “Doesn’t the saying go that children are as playful and clever as monkeys? Have you ever heard the same being said of pigs?”
  • “Grandpa, after you and Granny leave, Wanru will be the lady of this house. She can find whoever she wants to care for her and the child. I’ll be nothing but supportive and won’t make her look bad,” Ling Yichen drew his eyes away from Peiqi. “I’m going upstairs to check on Yuanqi.”
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