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Chapter 112 That Little Scumbag

  • Ling Yichen embraced her tightly for some time before letting go, “I’ll send you back to the apartment for now, tomorrow after Grandpa leaves, I’ll bring you to the Ling residence.”
  • “Sure,” Xia Mo suddenly came out of his embrace and sat up. “Why don’t I hail a cab and go back on my own? Then you can head back to the Ling residence and take care of the child!”
  • “He’s with Granny tonight,” Ling Yichen sat back into the driver’s seat and told Xia Mo, who was sitting behind. “Buckle your seatbelt.”
  • “Okay,” Xia Mo nodded her head.  
  • Before the car went too far, Xia Mo abruptly recalled somethings she had left behind at Li Tiezheng’s apartment.
  • “I don’t think I should go to your apartment for the night, I want to go to Jade Sea Blue Skies.”
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