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Chapter 110 Compromise

  • Upon hearing Xia Mo’s voice when he answered the phone, his heart was reduced to mush, “What is it?”
  • Xia Mo’s emotions towards Ling Yichen had quietly undergone change.
  • Without her memories, she was able to love him. Now that her memories had been recovered, memories of Lu Wanru and Wanqiu came to light. So, in addition to recent events with Qiao and Grand Master Ling, it was hard for her to like him as much as before.
  • Although undeniably she thought of him from time to time, but safe to say it was no longer as intense.
  • But for the sake of her child, whom she had never met, she must find him.
  • “What’re you up to?” before ringing him up, Xia Mo had not given this conversation any forethought.
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