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Chapter 109 For the Child

  • Mrs Wu learnt from her daughter that Xia Mo not only possessed popularity right now, but she was also the lover to the CEO of Starlight Media.
  • She was already downright nervous in her heart, so once she saw Xia Mo, she exaggerated the situation Yuanqi was in and made it sound extremely dangerous, in hopes that it would move her.
  • After saying this much, Xia Mo appeared to be in distress but had not agreed to it yet. This made Mrs Wu more restless, because if Xia Mo did not make the promise then Lu Wanru and Ling Yuanqi would become sitting ducks!
  • She thought about her options, and then she knelt before Xia Mo.
  • “I’m begging you to go and look after Little Master!” Mrs Wu’s old face was covered in tears, “Little Master looks exactly like you and looks awfully cute. He’s more important to Young Madam than her own life. She said so long as you are willing to care for Little Master, she’s willing to give up her position as Mrs Ling and give it to you. She would die if that was it took, but she only hopes for you to raise Little Master. Little Master’s still too young and can’t even remember faces well. In his mind, so long as you are kind to him, he’ll grow closer to you. As his birth mother, he’s bound to be wholehearted to you…”
  • Although Mrs Wu was incoherent, Xia Mo was moved and had immediately come to a decision.
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