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Chapter 108 Plans

  • “You don’t have know why,” Liu Yanzi smiled with depravity. “No matter who it is, so long as you grab them where it hurts, you’ll get everything you want. Ling Yichen’s weaknesses are his parents and grandmother and their weaknesses are Grand Master Ling. Now that I’ve wrapped Grand Master Ling by my little finger, what’s there for you to be afraid of?”
  • “When I move into the Ling residence, do I really have to care for that child?” Lu Wanqiu pouted sulkily, “The sight of him infuriates me.”
  • “Silly girl. Once you move into the Ling residence, everyone’ll be at your beck and call,” Liu Yanzi was disappointed that Lu Wanqiu had not met her high standards and smacked her on her back. “The child is at an age where he’ll be very naughty. So long as you plan there are plenty of ways to make him disappear. As for her, isn’t she already half dead and completely at your mercy?”
  • “What if Ling Yichen decides to hand the child over to that woman outside?” Lu Wanqiu asked worriedly. 
  • “Do you think everyone is as stupid as you?” Liu Yanzi angrily said, “The woman outside is already a celebrity, why would she want this child? Anyway, that Li Tiezheng who’s backing her, who do you think he is? Let me tell you, his influence is secretly no lesser than Ling Yichen!”
  • “Really?” Lu Wanqiu curb her sense of injustice, “Well, she has all the luck and keep meeting the good ones!”
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