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Chapter 107 Hospital Visitation

  • “I don’t,” Xia Mo shook her head. “All I want is to live simply for the rest of my life.”
  • Looking at her charming little face, Li Tiezheng was dying to tell her that even if she wanted an ordinary life, it might soon be out of her control. Especially since she had one foot in the entertainment industry, if she lacked strong backing then many other things would be out of her control too.
  • The two were seated facing each other in the room, when a sound of knocking came from the door.
  • Xia Mo was shocked by it and raised her head to glance at Li Tiezheng.
  • Li Tiezheng rose and went over to the door viewer. When he looked out, there was a woman outside.
  • “It’s a woman,” Li Tiezheng moved away so Xia Mo could take a look herself. “I don’t know her.”
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