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Chapter 105 Is He Mine?

  • At the sight of how stirred Xia Mo became, Fan Zhi was suddenly uncertain what he should say.
  • “What’s up with you?” Yao Lili was a little worried and pulled Xia Mo.
  • Xia Mo’s eyes were fixed on Fan Zhi. Just as Fan Zhi was dying to open his mouth, Xia inhaled and said, “Send me home then.”
  • Fan Zhi was relieved at that and turned around to tell the driver exactly where they wanted to go.
  • Yao Lili peered at Xia Mo, and then looked at Fan Zhi, who was sitting tight, “What’s wrong with you both? Isn’t Ling Yichen that handsome and rich guy? What do his family matters have to do with us?”
  • “Nothing at all,” Xia Mo pressed her lips and smiled. Then sounding as if she was talking to herself, she whispered, “What do his family affairs have to do with me?”
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