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Chapter 104 First Born Son

  • Ling Yichen sent the Master and Madam Lu to Lu Wanqiu’s doorstep and was about to leave.
  • “Yichen, why the hurry?” Liu Yanzi smiled with hidden intentions as she called him, “You're all the way here already, might as well go in and take a look at your son.”
  • Mr Lu turned his head to look at Ling Yichen.
  • “I’ve told Wanqiu about this before. She can either send the child to Wanru or raise him herself. But if she wants to do it herself, then I won’t acknowledge him,” Ling Yichen was sick and tired of Liu Yanzi’s ways, Also he did not want her to keep bringing this up, so she spoke candidly.
  • “How can you say such things?” although Mr Lu felt threatened by the Lings, he continued giving off the airs of a father-in-law, “Wanqiu has already given birth to the kid but now you don't want to acknowledge it?”
  • “So how does my eminent Father-in-law expect his Son-in-law to acknowledge him?” Ling Yichen asked deeply.
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