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Chapter 103 Incredulous

  • Immediately Mrs Wu body became rigid, as she stared at Lu Wanru with absolute incredulity.
  • “You know how the Lings and the Lus both dislike me, if they found out about my condition, how do you think they’ll treat me? How would they treat my Mother?” Lu Wanru gave a bleak smile, “It’ll be hard on Yuanqi. I wonder how he has been doing the past few days.”
  • “Grand Madam Ling and Madam Ling have been caring for Little Master for the past few days, so there’s no need to be too concerned,” said Mrs Wu, who then started to wipe her tears again. “Then what plans do you have now, or shall we give Young Master Ling a call?”
  • “Other than preparing some medicine there’s nothing else he can do, informing him will only cause him more anxiety,” Lu Wanru instructed Mrs Wu in detail. “Don’t let my Mother know. I’ll stay here for a few days for now, maybe there’ll be a turn for the better and my senses might return. Don’t be too upset, Yuanqi and I are counting on you, alright?”
  • “Okay, I understand,” Mrs Wu gravely nodded her head.
  • “The more they want me and Yuanqi to die so badly, the more I want to be alive and well!” Lu Wanru’s expression became a little frostier, “Even if it’s something that I, Lu Wanru, do not desire, it’s my choice whom it should go to. Anyone who dares to think about snatching it from me, humph, has to see whether they are that capable!”
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