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Chapter 102 A Meeting

  • Li Tiezheng picked Xia Mo up below her apartment, but she did not let him bring them to the hotpot restaurant.
  • “Do you expect me to sit and watch you eating? I can’t eat any spicy food right now.”
  • “Oh yes, you’re right. This problem completely slipped my mind,” Li Tiezheng quickly changed it to a North-Eastern specialty restaurant instead. “I’m sure you’ll like this place.”
  • “Uh huh. I’m a genuine North-Easterner,” Xia Mo laughed and climbed into the car.
  • “Shal we have some braised pork with vermicelli?” Li Tiezheng got off first and then stood by the car door waiting for her.
  • “I want to eat double cooked pork slices too,” for a few days, Xia Mo had been having frozen dumplings and glutinous rice balls. Even if Li Tiezheng had not intended on giving her a treat, she would certainly still visit a restaurant and have a good meal.
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