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Fated Pregnancy

Fated Pregnancy

Lucy Hewitt

Last update: 2023-10-25

Chapter 1 Being Drugged

  • After a good hour-long soak, Xia Mo carefully put moisturizer over her body under the watch of a maid. Then, dressed in a thin night robe, she was taken into a small room.
  • “As Her Ladyship required, stay here and watch the video. Make sure you learn something from it. You have to be bold, so put that dull face away,” the maid declared coldly and sarcastically.
  • ‘I have to be bold?’
  • Xia Mo didn’t fully understand, but she sat on the couch and started to watch the TV obediently.
  • To her surprise, the video was not the kind she expected!
  • Curious and slightly disgusted, she closed her eyes as her face blushed. However, the sound seemed to be getting into her in every way it could, leaving her nowhere to hide.
  • “Turn it off!” In embarrassment, she asked the maid standing beside her.
  • “I don’t think so. Her Ladyship explicitly requires you to learn from it,” answered the maid, with no expression on her face, like a robot.
  • Xia Mo couldn’t stop her body from shaking. ‘Was she asking me to act like the woman in the video?’
  • ‘That’s impossible!’
  • The maid was watching her seriously like a prison guard, as if Xia Mo had committed some kind of felony and she looked like she would pounce on her at anytime to make her eyes focus on the screen no matter whether she wanted to or not.
  • Without a choice, she watched the video for two times until someone came in.
  • “Her Ladyship said it’s about time.”
  • Xia Mo was then taken into another room like a puppet.
  • “Remember! You have to be bold!” The maid gave her a pill and reminded her once again. “Take this. No failure is allowed tonight!”
  • Then Xia Mo was pushed into the room.
  • With thick curtains drawn, the room was in complete darkness. Not a single lamp was turned on.
  • It took Xia Mo a while to make up her mind and carefully inched her way forward.
  • When she finally approached the bed, she got onto it, quivering. Then she felt a warm but naked body.
  • She drew back suddenly, as if getting an electric shock. But thinking about the one million she needed, she had to give it another try.
  • The man didn’t move or react at all. Xia Mo felt a bit relieved. ‘Is he passed out? Or is he just asleep?”
  • She gritted her teeth and carried on. She wanted it to be finished as soon as possible, so she decided to imitate the woman in the video.
  • The man, confused and in a daze, suddenly moved. He cursed, “Damn!”
  • Then he dragged Xia Mo right into his arms.
  • His lips, which smelled like the most fragrant wine in the world, were all on hers, muffling her screams.
  • He enjoyed the sexual pleasure she brought him like a wild beast, caring the least about her condition as a virgin.
  • After his desire was fully satisfied, he took a short rest. Coldness flashed across his eyes, then he carelessly pushed away the unconscious woman beside him.
  • He left the bed barefoot and pulled open the curtain.
  • With a sneer, he put on his clothes and left without hesitation.
  • Back to the living room, his wife, Lu Wanru, was seated demurely on the couch.
  • “Good morning.” Lu Wanru smiled, and dropped the maid a hint. Seeing the maid go upstairs, she asked him softly, “Are you having breakfast at home?”
  • “That’s okay. I’m not hungry at all.” He passed by her in anger, and just before he rushed out of the door, he added, “I will keep my promise. But do not try to drug me anymore. You don’t want the child to be mentally handicapped, do you?”
  • Lu Wanru stood before the window and watched her husband stride out of the yard. Her eyes went red.
  • “Your Ladyship, why do you have to do this to yourself?” Mrs. Wu, the housekeeper of this family, poured Lu Wanru a glass of warm water and said, “Master does care about you.”
  • “You don’t understand Mrs. Wu. She’s back and she’s going to take everything from me.” Lu Wanru sipped at the glass and continued, “If I let her have a child first, there will be no place for me in this family.”
  • Knowing the complexity of their relationship, Mrs. Wu sighed.
  • “Don’t give that girl, Xia Mo, any more contraceptives. Same for him.” Lu Wanru took a deep breath. “This child is very important to me. I don’t want anything to go wrong.”
  • “What if they…” Mrs. Wu recalled the pretty face of Xia Mo and was worried.
  • “If he really falls for that girl, I bet someone will be so pissed off! But unfortunately, your master is a faithful man.” Lu Wanru smiled with contempt. But given that she needed this child for many reasons, she added, “Now that you have mentioned it, put a blindfold on her next time. This child has to win his affection so I don’t want her to annoy him by being obsessed with him.”