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Thorn In My Side

Thorn In My Side


Update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • Prologue
  • “Can I count on you to behave?” her pores raised as his fingers brushed the back of her neck as he scooped her hair upwards to fix it in a messy bun.
  • “Yes, father.” Gazing at herself in the reflection provided by the oval mirror stationed before her. Barely able to recognize herself in these past months. He dressed her in a nightgown, long, traditional and modest. Most men in this world preferred the innocent and youth of a woman which made her their favourite target.
  • “Wise choice,” he stepped back to glance at his work. “the more complacent you are the less bruises you’ll sustain,” she knew he was referring to the scratch grating down the side of her face, already on its way to healing but she wasn’t sure if it’ll fade completely.
  • “Yes,” she responded, relaxing her jaw for a brief moment to voice the word.
  • “Randall is into a bit of knife play but he promises not to mark your skin,” he was coaching her on the man’s kink and her stomach churned. The same as it always did. “he might just whip it out get his juices going so no need to be worried, instead pretend that it excites you,” he was checking his phone as he spoke, without a chance to respond, he continued, “he’s here. I’ll lead him up,” her father took a final glance at her to ensure she was perfect and she was.
  • Lips perfectly shaped and plump slathered with a murderous shade of red. Her wild, dark hair fixed seductively on her head and best of all, her fiery, resilient orbs were docile.
  • The door pressed shut behind her and all she could do was practice her smile in the mirror while fighting off those blasted tears that had been resurfacing lately. “Get it together,” she scolded herself, “It’ll be over soon if you play into it, if you bore him,” she reminded herself just as the door swung open.
  • Looking at the entrance in the mirror’s reflection, she saw Randall. His large shoulders were ready to bust through his shirt. Such a young, handsome man, she thought. Why would he have need of her?
  • “I can see you’ve been waiting for me,” his eyes did not leave her body as he shut the door behind them.
  • “Am I that obvious?” she forced a wide smile as she spun around, leaning back on the vanity table until she was able to calm her nerves.
  • Ignoring the fact that she’d spoken at all, Randall closed the distance, pouncing on her and spinning her back around, jostling the vanity and its contents. The clinking of fragrance bottles, skin care items and other things rang in the air and she focused on it.
  • That was better than focusing on Randall cupping her ass and bringing her back to press his engorged cock against her. His hands gripping her hips and grinding into her, “Good God,” he groaned, his cock sticking into her from behind. His hands shifted from her hips, clamouring for her breasts.
  • He squeezed the full mounds painfully and she whimpered. Her distress excited him and his grip tightened while he continued to rock his hips behind her. She was trapped. Snagged up and had no choice but to allow it. Her hands braced herself against the vanity while he continued his assault.
  • “I can feel your nipples hardening through this flimsy fabric,” he breathed against her ear.
  • “Then I do not need to explain my excitement,” she shuddered as the lie came forth, certain he took her breathlessness for interest.
  • “No, you do not” he let her go, taking a step back while she turned to face him again. “I think I should not be done with you as soon as I anticipated,” he grinned and her blood ran cold. “But you’ll like that wouldn’t you?” he teased, his eyes growing monstrous.
  • “I’ll like whatever you want to do to me,” she took the initiative to stalk forward. The less time spent taking meant the less time she’d be in his presence. “What do you wish to do?” she walked over to the bed, sitting on the edge as she watched him expectantly.
  • “You’ll find out soon enough,” he reached back into the seam of his trousers to fish out a knife. It was sheathed in leather but her face paled. “Don’t go crying to daddy now, because I am paying good money to fuck you,” the blade glistened while he unsheathed the knife, his eyes transfixed by it. “in whatever way I want,”
  • He was coming forward, “On your knees,” he’d held the knife up under her throat. “I am bored of the complacent girl act,” he kept the knife steady as she slid down the bed, sinking to her knees.
  • “Make me cum in under a minute and I won’t tear those pretty breasts of yours,” he held the knife at the side of her neck, “for every minute you fail…” his voice trailed off and he chuckled. “Understand?”
  • She nodded and left to unbuckle and unzip his pants, pulling the waistband down under his knees. His ugly member glared at her and all she could think of was that it was not even the biggest she’d seen. Reaching out she covered the flesh with one hand, moving up and down. Randall’s head fell back, leaning forward, she spat covering him with her saliva. He groaned.
  • A glint caught her eye and she noticed that his grip on the knife had loosened. As if a new awareness had struck her, she covered his cock with her mouth, straining her eyes to see the knife dangling from his fingertips almost as if by a snapping thread.
  • Her heart pounded against her chest. It was either do or die. Those were her only two options if she were to commit the screaming voices in her head.
  • Before she knew it, she clenched down on his cock, for a moment he’d gone silent. Liquid, rusty and warm pooled into her mouth. Then came the cries, he struggled to pull himself from her mouth but she held out with everything she had.
  • Letting go as she heard the knife clatter to the floor. Randall shuffled backwards, losing his grip. She pouched, grabbing up the knife before she jumped on him, her body slick with blood, her nightgown like a second skin. She slashed the knife into the side of his neck. His cries drowned out.
  • Her adrenaline ran out, her strength wavering after she retrieved the knife, knowing she would not be able to stab him again. But once had been enough. Blood spewed everywhere, and he reached for his wound, attempting to cover it. Blood pooled in his throat and mouth and soon enough he was choking on it.
  • She watched as the lights dimmed in his eyes. Her heart refused to calm down. There was an eerie silence shrouding the room as she rocked back on her heels staring at the man. Not so imposing anymore she realized and there was this wicked sense of satisfaction coiling in her belly.
  • He’d never touch her again. None of them will.
  • Shuffling through his pockets she pulled out his wallet, crumbling the cash into her palms and then she set to change her clothes. Picking out a few pieces and shoving them in a bag, she decided to leave. It was that or a fate worse than death.