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Chapter 300 Countermeasure

  • Just as I had managed to escape Han Xiang, I saw Xu Jiakai walking in my direction.
  • As long as she was around, she would definitely cause me trouble. Although Mu Chenfeng had warned me that she would be here, I still didn't manage to avoid her. But it was a small world, and I couldn't keep living my life hiding from her.
  • She always had someone fawning over her by her side. For many of those who wanted to get close to the mayor, the best way was through his daughter by having a good relationship with her. She herself loved the attention and being put on a pedestal. Hence, every time there was an event, she would be there.
  • After she had blocked my path, some guests started to surround us.
  • We had crossed swords many times in similar situations. So much so that our circle had come to expect her to find fault with me as long as both of us were at the same event. They enjoyed seeing her harass me as I was not like them. I came from humble beginnings. From their perspective, I was never going to be the same as them. They were all born into money and status while I was the ugly duckling who pretended to be a swan. So, they enjoyed watching Xu Jiakai putting me in my place as the ugly duckling.
  • I smiled at her and waited for her insults. Although she liked to mock me, she wasn't very smart. After some time, her insults had become predictable to me.
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