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Chapter 242 Unforgivable

  • “I don't believe it.” She shook her head, “He won't pay me off and I will not be able to get anything from him. Besides, I knew that he has a wife.”
  • “You can say that you didn't know. No one will know what both of you tell each other privately. Once he is implicated in a court case, the Han family will do their best to extricate him from it. They will look for you and pay you off to withdraw the case. They will not refuse even if you ask for a million as they are filthy rich and Han Moyun is crucial to their plans in taking over the company. He will never be imprisoned for something like this.”
  • She remained silent in thought after I had finished.
  • “What if they refuse to settle or compensate me?” She looked up as she asked.
  • “Then I will find the best lawyer for you to sue him till he goes to prison. If they are unwilling to compensate you, I'll pay you instead.”
  • “You pay me?” she asked in disbelief.
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