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Chapter 293 Meeting Him Again

  • The next morning, I checked my phone when I woke up. There were a lot of missed calls from Mu Chenfeng.
  • I went online and saw that last night's spectacle was now the top trending topic. There were a lot of discussions about how romantic and beautiful it was. Some said that it was just a blatant display of wealth. There were all kinds of other comments.
  • However, there was one detail that was intriguing. There was no mention of Mu Chenfeng's name at all. They all said that a mystery man had helped me celebrate my birthday.
  • I didn't believe that no one recognized Mu Chenfeng yesterday given that there were so many people. Many of them had also taken pictures and shared them among their friends. However, the mainstream media didn't mention Mu Chenfeng at all. It was obvious his public relations department did a good job in keeping his name under wraps.
  • I lazily got up and decided not to go to work today. I couldn't go out as I would definitely be surrounded and had my photo taken by paparazzi or whatnot. Last night's spectacle made me feel like a circus monkey performing for an audience. I didn't want to be that monkey again today as one night was enough. I wanted to have a quiet day at home and use my computer to do some work.
  • Initially, I had wanted to cook some noodles but decided against it as I just had some last night. So, I decided to call a nearby restaurant to order breakfast and a cup of coffee instead.
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