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Chapter 295 Impressed

  • After going a few more rounds, Ji Fengshi's pale face started to turn red. He looked a little woozy now.
  • However, all my male coworkers were already sloshed. They were either puking in the washroom or sitting on the couch in a daze.
  • “Hey handsome! Since you're the boss here, can we sing together?” One of the more daring female coworkers was given courage by the alcohol to approach Ji Fengshi.
  • I didn't mind at all. I couldn't wait for them to get comfortable with each other as it would then alleviate some of the pressure on me.
  • “Of course, I would be happy to sing with you. But I must first ask for permission from Ms. Lin,” Ji Fengshi said in a serious manner as he looked in my direction.
  • I told him not to speak like that as it made me feel awkward. I also told him to do whatever he liked and not to get me involved.
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