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Chapter 268 Feel Relieved

  • I listened to what he had to said without interrupting him.
  • “What do you think, Ms. Lin?” Perhaps because the general manager was a little guilty, he didn't sound confident as he spoke to me.
  • “I don't get it. Can you please be straightforward? Are you firing me?” I asked plainly.
  • “I'm not really firing you. In fact, there's actually no reason to dismiss you since you did very well. I'm just recommending you change to a different company because to keep you in our small company will be a waste of talent,” The general manager was feeling very bad about it and didn't even look me in the eye.
  • I couldn't help but sneer and said, “In that case, you're actually firing me in a nice way. Why don't you tell me the real reason instead of giving me such a flimsy pretext? Did I offend anyone, or was I not good enough?”
  • The general manager stood up and got me a glass of water. “Ms. Lin, please don't be angry. How could I accuse you of being not good enough when you had such an outstanding performance? You're the most successful sales director we have ever had by proving yourself in such a short period. I'm not willing to let go of you because you're indeed my right-hand man, to be honest. I believe that you are even capable of taking up my position.”
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