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Chapter 279 Fair Competition

  • “Wang Wei, we need to have a serious talk about this,” I said with a stern expression.
  • “Fine, but let me finish my work first. Why don't we talk over dinner after work?”
  • “I'll repeat once more. Our relationship is a professional one and it must stay that way. Don't send me any more flowers and don't say inappropriate things. Got it?”
  • Wang Wei was reluctant. “But Ms. Lin, which part of what I said was inappropriate? I feel that what I said was pretty accurate.”
  • “I'm your superior, you have to be clear about that. You have to respect me as such. Don't ever say such things as liking me again as those words are inappropriate,” I said.
  • Wang Wei tilted his head as he was confused. “Telling you that I like you is inappropriate? But I really like your type. Should I pretend to dislike you instead?”
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