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Chapter 296 Ignore Him

  • Ji Fengshi was delighted while I was feeling depressed. I kept thinking about why Mu Chenfeng was leaving the hotel together with that woman.
  • Who was she? What were they doing at the hotel? Mu Chenfeng himself had a lot of properties in Hai City. Why did he need to stay at the hotel?
  • Once my imagination started to run wild, I no longer had any control over it. My imagination started to fill my mind with all sorts of dirty thoughts of Mu Chenfeng and her at the hotel. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I could no longer control myself.
  • “Take me back to Hilton,” I told Ji Fengshi impulsively.
  • “Huh? Why?” He was puzzled.
  • “There's no reason. I just want to go back.” I scowled.
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