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Chapter 288 Long Time No See

  • Yang City was very near to Hai City. The actual flight time was only half an hour. I arrived after just a nap.
  • After I exited the airport, I turned on my phone and saw a few missed calls. Most of them were from Shen Feng. I called Shen Feng, and he asked me where I was. I said that I was at the airport. He said that something had happened and that I had to rush back to the company.
  • I was shocked when I heard it. So I asked him what happened. He said that the people from Blue Ocean Technologies were there and wanted to discuss the acquisition.
  • I was also shocked when I heard this. Nanhe Group was still thinking about acquiring Blue Ocean Technologies in half a year, and they had already come to talk about it.
  • I asked if they were still there. Shen Feng said yes. So I asked him to wait for me.
  • I took a cab and rushed to the entrepreneurial park. When I arrived at the company, all the employees looked at me strangely. To them, something must be happening since the people from Blue Ocean Technologies suddenly came over. Maybe they thought that their future would be affected because the company was about to be sold. Hence, they cared about this matter.
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