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Chapter 294 Adonis

  • I stared at Ji Fengshi. “What do you mean yours? If you don't welcome me here I can leave. But don't go around spouting nonsense.”
  • Ji Fengshi looked at my coworker again. “If you want to drink, go look for another man. What's the point of getting a woman to drink?”
  • This coworker was from the commercial department and loved to drink. He already had a lot tonight and hence was on a short fuse. He looked at Ji Fengshi and said, “Can a foreigner even drink?”
  • Ji Fengshi wasn't a foreigner but his features made him resemble one. My coworker was indirectly mocking him with that comment.
  • Ji Fengshi had been around for a while and was sensitive to the undertones in someone's speech. I then saw him smirk.
  • “Foreigners can drink too, probably five or six fold of your lousy capacity.” Ji Fengshi laughed cunningly.
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