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Chapter 284 Difficult Realization

  • Everyone there understood what Ye Qian meant and none of them raised any opinion.
  • Then Luo Wenbei raised his hand, motioning to her that he would like to say something.
  • Ye Qian agreed to it and said, “Mr. Luo, speak up if you have something to say.”
  • “Although I don't manage Tongyu's affairs directly, I still have a good understanding of Blue Ocean Technologies and the Mu Group. Blue Ocean is one of the earliest companies in the industry with far more users than Tongyu, while the Mu Group is undoubtedly the number one financial group in Hai City,” began Luo Wenbei.
  • He continued, “Hence if we want to take over Blue Ocean from such a powerful group like Mu Group, I think that it's very difficult. This is not only a question of confidence, but also practicality. For example, why would the Mu Group sell Blue Ocean? We can't force them to sell if they don't want to.”
  • Luo Wenbei's words were very practical and straightforward. Ye Qian naturally knew that Luo Wenbei was trying to speak up for me. But she had no obvious reaction as her expression remained unchanged.
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