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Chapter 289 Conspiracy

  • Shen Feng didn't say what method he would use. But I could imagine that it was certainly not an open and honest method.
  • Speaking of sophistication and sleekness, I knew that Shen Feng was definitely way better than Chenyan, a technical man. Since ancient times, people had always been deceitful. In order to win, it was normal to use schemes such as sowing discord. So it couldn't be said that Shen Feng was all bad. But my heart wasn't willing to let him take extreme measures against Chenyan.
  • Chenyan was the kind of person who wanted to change the world. He wasn't the kind favored in this materialistic era. But he was still worthy of respect. Not everyone who wanted to change the world would end up changing the world. Most people did not change the world but ended up being changed by it. Chenyan hadn't been changed by the world yet. So I thought he should be given his own space to do whatever he wanted to do. Whether he could change the world wasn't important. The main thing was that he had the heart for it.
  • “Ms. Lin, do you approve of it?” Shen Feng was a little impatient as he saw that I didn't say a word.
  • “I don't entirely approve of it. I want to know what method you're going to use.” I looked at Shen Feng.
  • “Ms. Lin can leave such trivial matters to me. It's more appropriate for me to handle the details.” Shen Feng wasn't willing to tell me.
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