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Chapter 263 Not Touched

  • Mu Chenfeng didn't mind that I dissed him and continued, “Since this restaurant has the best crayfish in Ning City, the customers line up every day just to try its crayfish. Also, because their crayfish are limited, people will miss the chance to try them if they're late.”
  • However, I instantly thought that Mu Chenfeng was exaggerating. Even though we were rather late, there was no one lining up to enter the restaurant at all.
  • Even though I said nothing, I certainly looked grumpy. Mu Chenfeng continued, “To make sure that you're not disturbed, I contacted the owner of the shop and was ready to purchase his entire shop. But he refused because he has to earn a living by running his shop. I then paid for his turnover of an entire day so that he will only serve us today.”
  • I believed what he said now to a certain extent. When I searched the internet using my phone, I found out that it was indeed the restaurant with the best crayfish in Ning City.
  • When the dishes were served, we could instantly smell the aroma of the fresh crayfish. I salivated at the food because they looked particularly appetizing.
  • As soon as Mu Chenfeng put on the gloves and began to peel the crayfish, I looked at him and couldn't help but recall the past.
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