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Chapter 270 Doubts About The Grave

  • The phrase 'tomb raider' and some related movie scenes immediately flashed through my mind.
  • Nevertheless, I soon thought that it was impossible. Who would raid a modern tomb?
  • But it was clear that someone had definitely tampered with the grave. Even though the lawn was deliberately repaired and recovered, one could still notice the traces by examining the area closely.
  • I called Luo Wenbei to inform him about what I had discovered. He was shocked and asked why I went to the cemetery.
  • I said that I came to the cemetery because I was free, yet I accidentally noticed that someone had tampered with Luo Sheng's grave before. When I asked if I should make a police report, he told me not to and would be coming to meet me soon.
  • So, I stayed in the cemetery to wait for Luo Wenbei and walked around to observe other graves. Nevertheless, I didn't see any traces on the other graves apart from Luo Sheng's.
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