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Chapter 272 Tremendous Expectations

  • I told the chairman that those were tremendous expectations. During the acquisition of Blue Ocean Technologies, I wasn't the only one doing the work and I was given more credit than I deserved. My capabilities were limited and I couldn't guarantee if I could do an equally good job here.
  • Luo Wenbei disagreed with what I said and gestured with his eyes for me to be more confident. I understood what he meant. One had to always show loyalty and enthusiasm in front of the boss, instead of being pessimistic and worried as I currently was.
  • I was really not confident enough. I had Mu Chenfeng's support then. I wasn't sure whether I could lead this company by myself. It would be easy for me to promise the moon and the stars, but what if I failed? How would Luo Wenbei be able to explain to Luo Jianye?
  • Hence, I preferred to be humble even if it made me seem timid. If I did fail in the end, it would not be so much of a surprise. If I promised everything now, it would be difficult to explain once I messed up.
  • Luo Jianye didn't mind my lack of enthusiasm. He smiled and told me not to worry. They would support me. No matter what problems I came across, they would be my backup.
  • That was exactly what I needed to hear and I felt more at ease. Nanhe Group was an influential group. As long as I had the necessary resources, I was sure that I could run the company well.
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