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Chapter 297 Just Be Honest

  • “Why aren't you saying anything?” Mu Chenfeng started to be annoyed.
  • “What do you want me to say?” I replied.
  • “Just be honest! Did you not hear anything that I've said?” Mu Chenfeng raised his voice.
  • He resorted to his domineering attitude which I was having none of. I cleared up the leftovers from breakfast and threw them into the bin. I then packed my bag and prepared for work.
  • “Explain to me! Why were you at the hotel with Ji Fengshi?” Mu Chenfeng grabbed my arm. I could feel the tension in his body.
  • This was the only question in his mind since he came in. He chose to do it in a calm manner by waiting for me to finish my breakfast. But he could not keep it to himself any longer.
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