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Chapter 276 Cried Out And Collapsed

  • I had forgotten that Mu Ying was a tough lady too and a bad-tempered one at that. There was no way she was going to endure all those atrocious insults without doing a thing.
  • Xu Jiakai was stunned after the slap. She regained her composure after a long while and pointed at Mu Ying, “How dare you hit me?”
  • “I am no longer related to the Mu family. But you are unrelated to them too. So whether I was disowned has nothing to do with you. Don't keep barking here,” Mu Ying said coldly.
  • “Ms. Lin, why are you here? Who are you quarreling with?”
  • A young man pushed his way to the front. It was the dashing young man with red lips and pearly white teeth, Wang Wei.
  • I couldn't help but furrow my brows. As if things aren't messy enough. With him here, it was going to get even more complicated.
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