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Chapter 283 Jackpot

  • It really was Mu Chenfeng! It looked like Ji Fengshi really understood Mu Chenfeng's character. He hit the jackpot with just one guess.
  • He's now the chairman of a listed company. Why would he use such methods? Isn't it too childish and risky?
  • I hung up and went downstairs. I saw that everywhere was already in a mess, and the restaurant was smashed terribly.
  • Fortunately, no one noticed me. I successfully escaped the chaos to the parking lot and drove off. I knew Mu Chenfeng was at the back door, so I purposely avoided him.
  • Then Mu Chenfeng called again. He asked me if I was still inside and whether I was safe.
  • I wanted to ignore him, but I was afraid that if he thought I was inside, he would rush in. If that happened, Ji Fengshi wouldn't let him go.
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