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Chapter 280 Please Go Over

  • As Wang Wei and I were walking toward the car park, I saw Mu Chenfeng's car parked outside. The windows were down and I could see him sitting at the back with his laptop on his lap. He looked like he was working.
  • What is the chairman of a listed company doing here at the car park of the entrepreneurial park?
  • I pretended not to see him and walked toward the white Cadillac that the company had provided me.
  • A young man in a suit approached me and bowed politely. He greeted me as Mrs. Mu. Then he said that my husband wanted to speak to me and would I please go over.
  • 'Mrs. Mu' was a title that was obscure and unfamiliar to me now. Besides, I no longer had any connection to it anymore.
  • I told him that he had gotten the wrong person. I wasn't Mrs. Mu.
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