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Chapter 281 Unaware Of Trouble

  • Wang Wei was a technical person. He was overwhelmed by Mu Chenfeng's tyrant ways as he looked at me for help.
  • “Just ignore him. We are consumers. We'll pay after we eat. We don't have to care who the boss of the shop is,” I calmly said to Wang Wei.
  • Wang Wei calmed down a bit after my encouragement and began to continue eating. But I could see that he was still under a lot of pressure as he knew Mu Chenfeng's background.
  • I stared at Mu Chenfeng and said, “Can you stop disturbing us? Why are you standing here? Are you going to disturb me even when I'm eating? Are you that free?”
  • But Mu Chenfeng wasn't in a hurry. He pulled over a chair and sat next to me, saying, “Quite the opposite. I'm extremely busy. But despite that, I still have to find time to eat with you.”
  • Then he looked at Wang Wei and said, “Didn't you hear that I told you to leave? I bought this restaurant. You are one of the customers that I dislike. So please get out. If you don't, I'll have someone drag you out. If that's the case, it'll be embarrassing for you.”
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