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Chapter 282 Chat With Me

  • After Mu Chenfeng finished speaking, he glanced at me as if he had made up his mind. Then he stopped pestering us and strode out.
  • He was just expressing his attitude of never admitting defeat when he said that he would buy the land and demolish all the shops. This expression was even clearer in the look he gave me before he left.
  • “He's finally gone.” Wang Wei sighed. Then he added, “The rich are too overbearing and don't make sense at all.”
  • “He's gone. Why are you still here?” Ji Fengshi looked at Wang Wei.
  • Wang Wei didn’t understand the situation. He thought that Ji Fengshi had rescued him and drew Mu Chenfeng’s anger away. Hence, he was a better person. But little did he know that this mixed-race person with gray hair was way worse than Mu Chenfeng.
  • Wang Wei looked at me innocently.
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