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Chapter 265 That Explains It

  • Nevertheless, I ignored him and continued to have my food. Since I was famished, I really had an appetite for all of the food on the table. I even thought that I could eat a lot now because I was with Mu Chenfeng.
  • If that's true, I'm really a good-for-nothing. But what can I do about it?
  • Since he usually didn't eat much, he soon put down his chopsticks. He watched me as I enjoyed my food and reminded me occasionally to eat slowly.
  • “You must have a tough time in there, right?” Mu Chenfeng suddenly asked seriously.
  • My mood was ruined once he asked me this question because I was really reluctant to talk about it. Even though I was framed, it was still the biggest humiliation in my life. More importantly, it reminded me about how heartless Mu Chenfeng was to me.
  • “I'm done eating. I have to get going,” I said and put down my chopsticks.
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