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Chapter 285 Unimaginable

  • Later, after getting dressed up, I arrived at the Luo family's villa.
  • Compared to the Mu family's 'White House' in Hai City, the Luo family's villa wasn't as grand and majestic as the White House. But the size wasn't small either. The Mu family's 'White House' had a huge lawn outside its main door, while the Luo family's house had an artificial creek outside its door with an artificial hill behind it.
  • This was clearly a Feng Shui layout. It was said to be auspicious for a house to be situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream. Ancient cities must have a moat in front of them and a mountain behind them—one of the reasons for this was for protection and defense, while the other reason was for Feng Shui. Although the Luo family's villa didn't have the Mu family's grandiose style, it seemed to cost just as much as the Mu family's White House. The artificial creek and hill alone weren't something that ordinary people could afford.
  • The butler came over. He addressed Luo Wenbei as Second Young Master, and addressed me as Ms. Lin.
  • I was a little surprised that the Luo family's butler knew me. Luo Wenbei smiled and explained that whenever the Luo family had important guests over, they would first show the guests' information to the servants and maids so that they knew how to address the guests properly as a sign of respect.
  • I smiled to show that I understood. Then Luo Wenbei took me around the villa.
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